Consol Alliance was founded on the basic principles
of Service, Reliability & Innovation.


ServiceCustomer Service Representative

Servicing customers from the most basic requirements to the most intricate of requirements. From the small packages that clients require “yesterday” to the chartering of 747’s! We pride ourselves on the level of Service that we apply to
every job.


Understanding that in today’s challenging market, reliability is a key to the success of our “partners” – We provide a platform that enables our partners to receive reliable and true information.


We are continuously driving innovation through the smart use of Technology.  We don’t think of what our Partners will require tomorrow, we are constantly thinking what they need in 5 years. Investment into our Consol Alliance App which is a touch and go system that enables our customers to check rates, schedules, track cargo and book freight all while on the go, is a testament to our devotion to providing customers with today’s information.

Whilst a simple approach, these pillars are what drives us day to day and year to year…. Consol Alliance the smart choice.